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  • Previewing the Utah College Football Quinfecta utah college football

    This Saturday really is going to be a special day because we will have the Grand Utah College Football Quinfecta: What is the grand Utah College Football Quinfecta, you may ask? Well, every division 1 football team in the state(yes Weber and SUU count) have home games all on the same day. And I will be going to all of them. Just kidding. But anyways in celebration of this special day, I will preview all of these games, like what they will have to do to win, how it will affect the season and whatever else I feel like saying. Also, mother nature is clearly not a fan of the Grand Utah College Football Quinfecta because have you seen the weather for Saturday? Smh. 

    Utah St: vs. Nevada @8:15 2 weeks ago Big Blue ill-advisedly got stuck in a cage with Mike the Tiger and got thrashed around for 3 hours. But luckily they had last week off to put on some bandaids and heal some wounds and they should be ready for Nevada. The Wolf Pack come to Logan with Last Chance U quarterback Malik Henry and are hoping to ride some momentum off their win against ...

  • Pre-Season Thoughts on BYU Football BYU logo

    More interesting than the win/loss record this season will be the attitude of the BYU fan base: seeing what attendance is, gauging the growing dissatisfaction with Bronco, the reaction to watching their rival have a solid year again in a power conference.

    • It is highly likely BYU will be 1-3 after the first 4 games of the season
      • Nebraska is the most winnable game but you don’t just waltz into Lincoln and beat a storied program. BYU will also be missing players due to suspension from the Miami Beach Brawl. BYU gets Nebraska in their first game with a new coach so that may help.
      • I think Boise State is a flat-out better team and program than BYU. This is essentially BYU’s only real home game of note. If the Cougs do win at Nebraska, Lavell Edwards Stadium will be a mad house for that Boise game and perhaps they’ll have a chance.
      • Though they are getting too much hype, UCLA will be more talented than BYU
      • Michigan is a winnable game…..if you’re playing them week one like Utah is. However, I think Harbaugh may have that ship turned around by the 4th game. Could spell trouble for BYU
    • Because of what will likely be a ...
    • College Football Conference Realignment – 5 Years Later Conference map

      BYU and Utah fans remember it well – five years ago Utah received word they were joining the Pac-12 and leaving BYU behind. BYU football decided to go Independent. Check out this link to a fantastic read from Stewart Mandel of Fox Sports, one of the premier college football writers. He provides a great summary of all the conference changes and how the affected teams have fared in the 5 years since. It’s a really fascinating break-down. Hard to read if you’re a BYU fan.

      Biggest winners, losers five years after realignment hell broke loose


    • TCU Says SE-who? and Play-off Preview tcu

      TCU showed the college football world they really did belong in the 4 team play-off after they put an absolute beat-down on Ole Miss, 42-3. It was not even a game. The mighty SEC West either forgot to show up today or they really weren’t that mighty. Mississippi State suffered a similar fate against a good, but not great Georgia Tech team. Should Alabama lose tomorrow, this whole SEC West was the best is gonna look extremely silly.

      Boise State showed once again they belong with the college football elite. Their 38-30 victory over Arizona should vault them into a top 15 final ranking.

      As for a preview of tomorrow’s semi-final games:

      I believe the two best coaches in all of college football will square off when Alabama and Ohio State lock horns tomorrow night. At last check, Bama is a 9 point favorite. Bama has better players but I like both coaches’ ability to scheme a great game plan with a month to prepare. I don’t think Alabama is gonna run away with it.

      Oregon is a also a 9 point favorite over Florida State. I think anyone not living in Tallahassee, FL is cheering for Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariotta and Oregon ...

    • Bring on Boise State! Boise chair back

      Any of you who’ve read my blog since I started in 2010 will know that I’ve long been an admirer of the Boise State football team. I wrote a lot about Boise and TCU and how their fight for college football legitimacy was the same as Utah’s and BYU’s.

      Of course TCU has gone on to join the Big-12 and excel. In my opinion, the Horned Frogs were robbed of a spot in the play-off this year. College Football Play-off – Just as Crooked as the BCS

      Utah has joined the Pac-12 and done well.

      BYU and Boise State are still considered “outsiders.”

      Of those 4 teams though, I think Boise State has been the single most compelling team to watch. Boise will be back at it this year as they have once again qualified for the Fiesta Bowl. They are getting in as the highest ranked team from the non power-5 schools. They will face #10 Arizona on New Year’s Eve. Boise got thumped to start the season by Ole Miss but have gone on to compile a 10-2 season. BYU fans know how good Boise State is after watching the Broncos thrash the Cougars earlier this year. Boise State is ranked ...

    • Boise Spelling Bee

      In honor of the mythical national championship game tonight, I thought I’d post an oldie but goodie. If you’ve never seen this interaction between “Boise” and her teacher regarding her 4th place finish in the spelling bee, you’ll love it. Although Boise State is technically not in the mix this year, little “Boise” represents every team that’s ever been screwed by the system. The video absolutely blasts the BCS for the fraud that it is. It also calls out the voters, the bowl honks that put on the games, the SEC bias and the overall antiquated nature of the system.

      As for tonight’s participants – There is no denying LSU and Alabama are both very good teams. Buy why did Bama get the shot over Oklahoma State? Part of me wants LSU to destroy Alabama and put things to rest. But if that happens, who’s to say Oklahoma State could not have given LSU a better game. Or even one-loss Boise State for that matter.

      I do credit LSU for playing an incredibly tough schedule. I think they are the best team in the nation. They beat down Oregon in the first game of the season. Then they hammered West Virginia, who ultimately ...

    • More Fuel for Fight Against BCS Boise State

      Perhaps you’ve heard Utah Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff has had plans in the works for a few years now to file an antitrust lawsuit against the BCS. An article by Robert Gehrke in the Salt Lake Tribune this morning mentions new developments in the suit. Gehrke sites the exclusion of Boise State in this year’s BCS games as yet another angle Shurtleff and others will use to take their fight to the courts. Apparently Shurtleff is moving up his plans and hopes to have something filed by February of this year.

      Mark Shurtleff: Boise State snub helps BCS antitrust lawsuit

      Grandstanding or not, anything that draws attention to what a sham the BCS system is, is a good thing.

      Check out this fantastic video montage of Boise State’s memorable 2007 Fiesta Bowl victory over Oklahoma.

      Boise State Fiesta Bowl Montage


    • Boise State – what should have been Boise chair back

      Boise State played in the Las Vegas Bowl last night. Not surprisingly, they destroyed an average Arizona State team, 56-24. This was the last hurrah for the great Kellen Moore. The Broncos and Moore certainly deserved better.

    • Why Boise State was Snubbed by the BCS Boise State

      Not that Boise State needed another reason to jump ship from the Mountain West Conference and join the Big East earlier this week, but last Sunday’s BCS snubbing certainly pushed them over the edge. As members of the Big East, Boise State will now have a chance to earn an automatic BCS birth (at least for a few years till the whole system changes). They will also be part of a much more visible conference and enjoy all the exposure that comes from the Eastern media, namely ESPN. That lack of exposure is what killed them this year.

      Yes I know the Broncos shot themselves in the foot with missed field goals two years in a row in critical games. Those misses cost them what would have been two more automatic BCS appearances. However, what also hurt them is falling out of the college football news cycle which is dominated by ESPN.

      I’ve said it many times on this site – like it or not – ESPN drives public opinion when it comes to college football. ESPN is not a news network. It is a hype machine that can make or break you. ESPN, as they should be, is interested in self-promotion. ...

    • BYU and Boise State Agree to 8 More Games

      Exciting news here from

      BYU, Boise State Extend Football Series

      BYU and Boise State, already scheduled to play 4 times beginning next year, will continue 8 years beyond that. Good for BYU for using their independence to schedule aggressively. Again, the 2011 home schedule is a bit lite, but going forward, this game and the Utah game should line up as home games in the same year. Who wouldn’t want to see Boise State come to Lavell Edwards stadium every other year. The Broncos are one of the most exciting teams in college football.

      Additionally, great piece of scheduling by the Broncos as they are always in need of bolstering their strength of schedule. In fairness to BSU and their strength of schedule; prior to Utah joining the PAC-12, the Utes and Broncos were to play 3 games from 2011-13. When Utah was invited to the Pac-12 in 2010, they backed out of the agreement – understandably so. Utes back out on Broncos
      Obviously the change hurt Boise State. With it looking like Boise could run the table again this year, ...