• Two NBA Finals stories no one really talked about mark jackson

    We all know the stories that captivated us during the NBA Finals: Lebron, Steph Curry, “Delly,” etc. However, I think two of the more fascinating stories to come out of this finals really had nothing to do with the games:

    Mark Jackson

    • How bad must have former Golden State Warriors Coach, Mark Jackson felt while announcing all six Finals games on ABC and watching his former team win the world championship with basically the same roster he had just a year ago. The reports are that Mark Jackson was just a hard guy to be around. Mark Jackson dismissal.  Steve Kerr comes in as a rookie head coach and takes essentially the same roster Mark Jackson had and wins the whole thing. Either Kerr is unbelieveable (which many think he is) or Jackson is just a terrible guy to be around, which prevented him from getting the most out of his players. I thought it must have been humiliating for Mark Jackson to see all this unfold. I will give him credit for staying professional with the broadcast.


    Andrew Wiggins/Kevin Love

    • How silly does GM/Head Coach/Star Player Lebron James’s ...
    • Highest TV Rating for NBA Finals Since 1998 Utah Jazz vs. MJ and the Bulls tv ratings 2

      It was refreshing to see a new team out of the West in this years recently completed NBA Finals, especially one as exciting as the Warriors. And fair or not, Lebron James is still everyone’s favorite villain. Being the best player in the world might have something to do with it as well. Not surprisingly, the TV numbers for the NBA Finals were huge. Check out the stories from SB Nation by Satchel Price.

    • A Closer Look at the Greatness of Lebron James Eastern Conference

      The NBA Finals get under way tonight. It’s the matchup we all wanted: King James and the Cavs vs. the showstopping Warriors with MVP Steph Curry. Guest writer Rob Gray has a unique perspective on the greatness of King James and his fifth straight Finals appearance:

      Lebron James is a physical specimen. With the physical tools that would make even Hercules jealous (6’8”, 260 pounds) and the quickness and agility to allow you to forget just how big he really is, Lebron can overpower or go around any player he faces in the NBA today. Since Lebron came into the NBA with an unprecedented amount of hype, critics have always cried that he is all hype and isn’t able to actually ‘bring home the bacon’. However, with two NBA championships, to go along with two NBA Finals MVP awards, four NBA Most Valuable Player awards, eleven NBA All-Star selections and now five straight NBA finals appearances Lebron has been able to silence those critics. As a basketball fan who has had long time reservations about Lebron James I can now say Lebron is probably the greatest player of his generation, and one of the greatest players of all time. However, I ...