• BYU Football will be on the National Stage this Weekend – Ready or Not Mizzou-boycott

    I wrote in my season preview post that I thought the Missouri game would end up being the biggest game of the year for BYU football. I figured they’d have two or three losses already, be out of New Year’s 6 Bowl contention and have nothing left to play for except improving their national brand against the two-time defending SEC East champs – Missouri. I think this still holds true for the most part. BYU only has two losses but they really don’t have a shot at a big bowl game. Missouri is still the two time defending SEC East champs but they’ve turned out to be a very mediocre football team this year. What’s obviously going to make this game so important and watched is the recent racial unrest at Missouri and the interest in the protests that resulted in the resignation of Missouri’s President and Chancellor.

    The game will be broadcast on the SEC Network at 6:30 Central time. The game is being played at the home of the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs – Arrowhead Stadium. So it’s basically a home game for Mizzou. It’s really not a big game but folks are sure gonna tune in because the ...

  • One of the most unique high school sporting events takes place today cross country 2

    When you have your own sports blog you can pretty much write about anything you want. That said, one of the coolest high school sports championships you’ve likely never heard of takes place today at Sugar House Park in Salt Lake City. Today is the Utah High School state-wide cross country championship and I’ve got two kids that love cross country. The race is a one-day championship event that is the culmination of practically year round training in a sport that is considered very much off the mainstream radar.

    The races are divided into girls and boys of course and then by school size classification 1A, 2A…….5A, etc. Each race will feature 75-125 kids who all qualified from their region, as a team, or individually. So there are literally thousands of high school runners, parents, coaches, administrators and yes – even spectators. Sugar House Park is one of the coolest places in all of Salt Lake and when it gets overtaken by cross country on this particular day, it makes for a fun scene.

    cross countryWhat makes watching cross country unique (and even different from distance events in track) is that to be a ...

  • Country Singer Blake Shelton Saves Man From Flooded Road truck in the mud

    By now you know I’m kind of a sucker for the feel good stories. I am also a sucker for stories with awesome quotes from normal, everyday people. Check out this link to a story I saw on There has been a lot of flooding in Oklahoma and country singer Blake Shelton saved a man who’s car got stuck in the water. I’m not much of a country fan but I believe Blake Shelton is also on the TV show, The Voice. The best part of the story is the reaction from the man. Make sure you read or listen all the way to the end. He has a great line about Facebook. Enjoy!


    Blake Shelton comes to the rescue, gives man a ride home

  • Powerful Father-Son Video – Happy Father’s Day!

  • The Greatest Sports Announcer Calls of All Time cal stanford

    We’re still a month or so away from the open of Fall camp for BYU and Utah Football. The NBA finals just ended. Most sports fans are probably watching a little baseball or hitting the beach or the lake for vacation. During this relatively mild time of the sports year, I thought it would be cool to post some of the greatest sports calls of all time. Of course these calls generally coincide with the greatest sports moments of all time. You’ll recognize many of them.

    My personal favorite is Kirk Gibson’s home run in game one of the 1988 World Series since I grew up in So. California as a Dodger fan. I remember sitting around the TV watching that game with my family. Vin Scully was the TV announcer. In addition to doing Dodger games, I think he worked for NBC and did all the big games. However, his call of the home run was actually not as dramatic as the late Jack Buck, who I believe was doing the game on radio. Jack Buck’s call is on the Youtube clip. (And I believe Jack Buck was also the announcer on the Ozzie Smith home run)

    That said, the best ...

  • A Closer Look at the Greatness of Lebron James Eastern Conference

    The NBA Finals get under way tonight. It’s the matchup we all wanted: King James and the Cavs vs. the showstopping Warriors with MVP Steph Curry. Guest writer Rob Gray has a unique perspective on the greatness of King James and his fifth straight Finals appearance:

    Lebron James is a physical specimen. With the physical tools that would make even Hercules jealous (6’8”, 260 pounds) and the quickness and agility to allow you to forget just how big he really is, Lebron can overpower or go around any player he faces in the NBA today. Since Lebron came into the NBA with an unprecedented amount of hype, critics have always cried that he is all hype and isn’t able to actually ‘bring home the bacon’. However, with two NBA championships, to go along with two NBA Finals MVP awards, four NBA Most Valuable Player awards, eleven NBA All-Star selections and now five straight NBA finals appearances Lebron has been able to silence those critics. As a basketball fan who has had long time reservations about Lebron James I can now say Lebron is probably the greatest player of his generation, and one of the greatest players of all time. However, I ...

  • Why I’m okay with the recent losing record of the Jazz jazz

    For those that have followed Purple Mountain Haze for some time, you know we don’t cover a lot of Utah Jazz basketball. That said, I would like to introduce our first guest blogger – Brian Barrow. He has written about the Jazz for several years and his work has been featured on Please check out Brian’s take on the Jazz coming back down to earth after their recent hot streak. You can find Brian on twitter at @MoabJazz


    After going on a mini win streak the Jazz are again back to their old losing ways. But there is something different about the losses this time. As a fan I always want to see my team win and hate it when they lose. That being said, I am okay with the way things are going.

    From the end of last season up to present day there has been a constant reminder from the Jazz front office that we are not going to skip steps when it comes to building a solid, contending team. This season has just felt different than seasons from recent memory. You can feel the energy coming from the young team and an equal amount of energy, if not ...

  • Best of “DeflateGate” ballghazi

    Regardless of your opinion on the New England Patriots deflated footballs ordeal, you’ve got to admit this whole episode has been outlandish and wildly entertaining. It’s probably much ado about nothing because the Patriots won the game so easily. It is quite possible the Pats did underinflate the footballs and we all know they have a history of cheating. That aside, the juvenile jokes, late night punch-lines, press conferences with grown men talking about balls, etc. have been hilarious. We watch sports to take us away from life for a bit and to be entertained. DeflateGate has done just that. A friend of mine said this whole episode is like a Saturday Night Live sketch without even trying.

    Here are some of the better parodies and jokes I’ve seen on the web:

    Cialis parody from Benstonium.c

    And of course Saturday Night Live – ( I love how Belichick says he got dressed up)


  • Why’s Everyone so Outraged over a Fight at a Football Game? church ball

    Memphis announced suspensions yesterday stemming from the BYU/Memphis brawl at the conclusion of the Miami Beach Bowl. The announcement has reignited outrage over BYU being involved in such an ordeal. I have a question for folks that feel that way – How many of you who are so up in arms about BYU being involved in a fight, have ever been involved in an altercation during a game of hoop or something at the local rec center, city league or church ball? I’m guessing we’ve all been!

    So just relax a bit. If we are mostly out-of-shape, weekend warriors getting mad enough to start a fracas at the local rec center, then why is it so crazy to think that every now and then a fight might break out at a college football game?

    When you have roughly 150, 18-24 year-olds in peak physical condition, from different parts of the country involved in 60 minutes of hand to hand combat – tempers might occasionally flare up! It’s not the end of the world. It was frankly good to see some guys from BYU get mad. Yes, BYU professes Christianity and good sportsmanship and all, but it’s still just football. And football can ...

  • What an Entertaining Football Game!! seahawks

    We don’t do a lot of NFL on this site but yesterday’s NFC Championship was absolutely one for the ages. Seattle pulled off an improbable win over Green Bay during the last 5 minutes of the game and the first possession of overtime.

    My boy was “sick” yesterday so I took one for the team and stayed home from church to watch what was a very boring first 3 quarters. However, the game got awesome at the end of the 4th period. The rest of my crew was home by then and we all watched the finish of what has to be one of the most historic playoff games ever. It was wildly entertaining and reminded me why I love sports. You just never know. It’s not scripted, it’s raw, it’s emotionally powerful and you are watching some of the greatest athletes on planet Earth play for a chance to go to the biggest sporting event on Earth. (Some may argue that’s actually the World Cup and not the Super Bowl)

    I don’t have a stake in either team but was still glued to the TV. You have to love the passion of Seattle Seahawks fans. They are insane. I know the ...