Boise Spelling Bee

Boise Spelling Bee


In honor of the mythical national championship game tonight, I thought I’d post an oldie but goodie. If you’ve never seen this interaction between “Boise” and her teacher regarding her 4th place finish in the spelling bee, you’ll love it. Although Boise State is technically not in the mix this year, little “Boise” represents every team that’s ever been screwed by the system. The video absolutely blasts the BCS for the fraud that it is. It also calls out the voters, the bowl honks that put on the games, the SEC bias and the overall antiquated nature of the system.

As for tonight’s participants – There is no denying LSU and Alabama are both very good teams. Buy why did Bama get the shot over Oklahoma State? Part of me wants LSU to destroy Alabama and put things to rest. But if that happens, who’s to say Oklahoma State could not have given LSU a better game. Or even one-loss Boise State for that matter.

I do credit LSU for playing an incredibly tough schedule. I think they are the best team in the nation. They beat down Oregon in the first game of the season. Then they hammered West Virginia, who ultimately put up 70 points on Clemson in the Orange Bowl. Not a bad non-conference schedule. LSU also destroyed Arkansas and Auburn within the SEC West. They beat up on Florida from the East and then demolished Georgia in the SEC championship game. And of course beat Alabama on the road. Not much left to prove as far as I’m concerned.

Should Alabama somehow win though, then all hell breaks lose. Especially if it’s a close game. At that point, you can go ahead and split the title 3 ways amongst all the 1 loss schools. LSU, BAMA, Ok. State. In fact, how about 4 ways, if you count 1 loss Boise State.

Of course the system is a mess and will someday change. In the mean time, all we can do is keep banging away at it and at least enjoy the match-ups on the field, no matter how unfair we perceive them to be.

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