• BYU Football will be on the National Stage this Weekend – Ready or Not Mizzou-boycott

    I wrote in my season preview post that I thought the Missouri game would end up being the biggest game of the year for BYU football. I figured they’d have two or three losses already, be out of New Year’s 6 Bowl contention and have nothing left to play for except improving their national brand against the two-time defending SEC East champs – Missouri. I think this still holds true for the most part. BYU only has two losses but they really don’t have a shot at a big bowl game. Missouri is still the two time defending SEC East champs but they’ve turned out to be a very mediocre football team this year. What’s obviously going to make this game so important and watched is the recent racial unrest at Missouri and the interest in the protests that resulted in the resignation of Missouri’s President and Chancellor.

    The game will be broadcast on the SEC Network at 6:30 Central time. The game is being played at the home of the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs – Arrowhead Stadium. So it’s basically a home game for Mizzou. It’s really not a big game but folks are sure gonna tune in because the ...

  • The Case Against the BIG12 – Why they’ll be left out of the playoff again and why that’s good news for BYU locked out 3

    Guest writer, Rob Gray has put together a fantastic piece on how the BIG12 really does not stack up well against the other power 5 conferences. He’s got great data to back up his point.

    With the College Football Playoff rankings being released this week there are opinions coming from around the country on which teams were slighted and which teams got lucky. I can see arguments that the SEC may have again benefited from “SEC bias” and that the PAC12 should be higher with two one loss teams in a very strong conference. I understand if people think that Ohio State is simultaneously the beneficiary and victim of being the returning national champion. What I cannot understand is any argument that the BIG12 has been graded unfairly, if anything I think that they have been given too much credit.

    TCU and Baylor have had very weak schedules to this point in the season. Combined they have only played one team outside their conference from a Power 5 conference, the mighty (.500 record) Golden Gophers from Minnesota. Neither team will play an out of conference game again the rest of this season which means they are relying heavily on the reputation and ...

  • One of the most unique high school sporting events takes place today cross country 2

    When you have your own sports blog you can pretty much write about anything you want. That said, one of the coolest high school sports championships you’ve likely never heard of takes place today at Sugar House Park in Salt Lake City. Today is the Utah High School state-wide cross country championship and I’ve got two kids that love cross country. The race is a one-day championship event that is the culmination of practically year round training in a sport that is considered very much off the mainstream radar.

    The races are divided into girls and boys of course and then by school size classification 1A, 2A…….5A, etc. Each race will feature 75-125 kids who all qualified from their region, as a team, or individually. So there are literally thousands of high school runners, parents, coaches, administrators and yes – even spectators. Sugar House Park is one of the coolest places in all of Salt Lake and when it gets overtaken by cross country on this particular day, it makes for a fun scene.

    cross countryWhat makes watching cross country unique (and even different from distance events in track) is that to be a ...

  • Utes Move Up 5 Spots in AP Poll During Bye Week college

    Utah has jumped up to a #5 ranking in the AP Top 25 college football poll. The Utes were ranked #10 heading into the weekend. They had a bye but several teams ahead of them lost; namely:

    #3 Ole Miss

    #6 Notre Dame

    #7 UCLA

    #8 Georgia

    And then the Utes leapfrogged LSU.

    The complete top 25 now looks like this: AP College Football Top 25


    Enthusiasm is through the roof for this weekend’s game against #23 CAL.

    Only adding to that enthusiasm, ESPN announced they will bring their traveling Saturday morning pre-game show, Game Day, to Salt Lake City and the campus of The University of Utah.




  • BYU Begins the “Boring” and “Soft” Part of Their Schedule – BYU UCON Preview byu stadium

    BYU kicks off at 8:30 tonight against UCON at Lavell Edwards Stadium. This is the annual “General Conference” game that they have often played against Utah State. The LDS Church is hosting their semi-annual 2 day conference on Saturday and Sunday so the Cougs play tonight. It’s not that big a deal anymore since they’ve gone to Friday night game so much anyways.

    I don’t know a ton about UCON other than they are better than last year when BYU went to Connecticut and beat them 35-10. BYU is favored by 17.5 points. I’m afraid it could be a little closer than that. The game will be televised on ESPN 2.

    The real story of the game will be if BYU can get up off the mat after the embarrassment last week, re-establish themselves and come out and beat a team they should.

    The other thing to watch will be the mood of the fan base. After the awesome slate of games in September, BYU now plays five teams in a row not from the Power 5 conferences. A bunch of these are gonna be the 8:30 Saturday night ESPN2 type games. Will fans still come out in droves to support the team? ...

  • Why Isn’t Utah Ranked in the Top 5? AP top 5
    Utah has a bye this weekend. It’s kind of a shame they can’t play again this Saturday while they are on a roll. I’d love to see them curb stomp someone again and feed off the momentum and all the national hype they are getting right now:
    These are a few thoughts tweeted out by Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports this past Sunday after the new rankings were released. The top 10 went like this:
    1) Ohio State
    2) Michigan State
    3) Ole Miss
    4) TCU
    5) Baylor
    6) Notre Dame
    7) UCLA
    8) Georgia
    9) LSU
    10) Utah

    Incidentally, Feldman has 231,000 Twitter followers. He is one of many leading the charge to give Utah even more love after their 62-20 thrashing of Oregon on Saturday night.

    You really can make an argument that Utah has two of the ...

  • Another Reminder why Mike Trout is the Best Baseball Player in the Last 50 Years mike trout

    Baseball season is winding down and several teams are still fighting for wildcard playoff contention. One of those teams is the Angels. In case you’ve not seen it, Mike Trout made another home run robbing catch over the weekend against the Seattle Mariners. I am a huge fan of these types of plays and will always post them on the site. This is one of the five best I’ve ever seen and Trout makes it look routine.


    I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Mike Trout may be the best baseball player in the last 50 years. I can’t think of too many guys that have possessed his combination of power, average, speed on the bases, a great glove at a critical position-center field and of course a great arm.

    I think the guy that probably comes the closest is Ken Griffey Jr. He hit for power, stole bases and was an amazing center fielder. You could also make an argument for pre-steroid Barry Bond. Bonds could hit for average and steal bags, but he was not the outfielder Trout is (and he played left field), and had a rag arm.

    I suppose Bryce Harper is also a five tool guy ...

  • BYU’s 31-0 Loss to Michigan is an Embarrassment to the University michigan qb

    If anyone asks me what I did this past weekend, I’m simply letting them know I took a great trip to the Midwest. Saw a ball game at Wrigley Field in Chicago, visited Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, had a great meal in Ann Arbor, Michigan and got my picture taken in front of the Big House. The only thing I missed was actually seeing a college football game.


    The sad reality is the entire BYU Football team seemed to have the same mindset as me and my traveling companions. The boys from Provo seemed to forget it was a business trip for them and I’m not sure they ever got off the bus to play the game.

    The game was an abject disaster. A 31-0 loss to Michigan. There is nothing to sugar coat. BYU got destroyed by a superior Michigan team. They were beaten in every phase of the game. Their offense barely gained 100 yards. The defense again failed to tackle and gave up some huge plays. And perhaps the most glaring deficiency was that Jim Harbaugh completely out-coached Bronco Mendenhall. Michigan had a better scheme, they were much more ...

  • Utah Destroys Oregon and Sets Themselves up for Magical Year Utah Oregon 2015

    America was re-introduced to Utah Football and Coach Kyle Whittingham in a big way last night. The Utes absolutely destroyed Oregon 62-20 in Eugene on FOX. There were so many positives for Utah and the win was monumental for the program. Probably the most notable take-away is that the contest started at 5:30 Pacific, which of course meant 8:30 Eastern. Rather than the typical Pac-12 7:00 Pacific kick-off (10:00 eastern) that none of the SEC honks watch or the all-important sports writers in the Northeast wouldn’t watch, this was Fox’s prime time game for all the country to see.

    And a changing of the guard in the Pac-12 is what they were treated to. I don’t know how else to say it other than this game was program defining for both schools. Oregon played in the national championship just 4 games ago. Sure, Michigan State got them last week, but Michigan State may be the best team in the country. However, Utah blew in to town and put the country on notice that Oregon’s fun n gun offense is no longer the gold standard in the Pac-12. Utah showed their team is far better than Oregon and that the Utes’ defense ...

  • BYU Lets One Slip Away in 24-23 Loss to UCLA byu ucla 2015

    BYU more than held their own in a tough one point loss to UCLA Saturday night but many Cougars fans have to be wondering if that was one that got away. The Cougars were a 17.5 point underdog and certainly garnered respect with the way they played. However, BYU was the better team much of the night. The loss does not doom the season; it’s just that the game could have so easily been a win.

    So what are the takeaways?

    • BYU is a legitimate team. The Cougars proved to everyone they are for real by hanging with, and often out-playing a very good UCLA team. UCLA may win the Pac-12 this year. BYU is going to win 9 or 10 games this year.
    • BYU has a solid offense that can move the ball. Their receivers are quite good. They have some play-makers on defense – just not enough of them. BYU has opened as a 5.5 point underdog at Michigan this week. Based on what I’ve seen, BYU should beat Michigan.
    • Those that have read my blog over the years know that I am often very critical of Bronco Mendenhall. I think he deserves some credit for Saturday night’s effort. I loved the ...