Latest on BYU to the Big 12

Latest on BYU to the Big 12


Looks like nothing will happen this weekend but things are definitely heating up. It appears that Missouri will indeed stay in the conference, clearing up what was an unknown and an impediment to the Big 12 exploring any expansion opportunities.

This latest report on who and when –
Big 12 Expansion: Are BYU, TCU Most Likely Options?

Brigham Young has Big 12 offer

I’m guessing things will really start rolling next week. The LDS Church, BYU’s sponsor, is holding their semi-annual, world-wide general conference this weekend. Pretty safe to say that LDS church leadership will table any football talk till after the conference.

Also, not sure how an invite will come down from the Big-12. According to The Upset it already has. Would the Big-12 invite all the new schools at once?

Stay tuned….

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