BYU in a Super Conference?

BYU in a Super Conference?


Check out this link from Deep Shades of Blue, written by Brett Richens. He spells out a very specific and plausible idea:

Could BYU be Part of a Big 14?

Though this proposed Big 14 might be a somewhat watered down version of a super conference, it would still be one and hopefully retain the auto BCS bid that currently belongs to the Big 12 and/or Big East.

The other latest rumor floating around is the idea of wedding the Mountain West Conference and Conference USA. One scenario would have the champions of each conference play each other at the end of the year, with the winner ideally getting a BCS bid. I guess BYU would have to re-join the MWC to take advantage of this. Every one’s favorite, MWC Commissioner, Craig Thompson, is exploring this possibility. I’ll believe this one when I see it.

This whole super conference idea for teams like BYU, Boise State or TCU is the ability to just get invited to one and gain auto access to BCS bowls. (TCU will technically be in the Big East next year but that situation is far from certain at this point) The 3 aforementioned teams all have been on the outside looking in but are certainly the first in line to get into bigger conferences as the dominoes continue to fall.

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