"TV Exposure Has Helped Fuel Boise Rise"

"TV Exposure Has Helped Fuel Boise Rise"


Interesting article here from Brad Rock of the Deseret News in Salt Lake. He chronicles how Boise State came to be a national name through ESPN television exposure and subsequently enjoyed the recruiting benefits of being a nation-wide program. Rock demonstrates the national TV exposure gap between Bosie State and the Big 3 from the Mountain West – Utah, BYU, TCU. His timeline specifically chronicles from 2006 till the present, with 2006 of course being the year the ill-fated Mountain Network came into existence.

Very interesting read. Clearly a huge part of the reason the Mountain West Big 3 are now bolting. It will be interesting to see how Boise State fares now that they will be strapped with the same Mtn. albatross. I’ve got to think they will not tolerate the restrictions Utah, BYU and TCU played under for several years.


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