It’s early still but things are starting to take shape

It’s early still but things are starting to take shape


Here’s a link to a Pat Forde article on

He gives a great September re-cap. He even highlights the big games for the month of October and mentions what should be a monumental clash between TCU and Utah in November. As well, he gives his thoughts on how the pollsters might treat Boise State going forward, now that they play mostly J.V. teams from here on out, with Nevada being the exception. (if you don’t believe that part about Nevada being the exception, just go ask your Cougar buddies)

As for playing prognosticator myself:
For a while there I was thinking Utah might have a chance to fool everyone and take Boise’s place at the BCS championship game table. After Virgina Tech went down to James Madison, Boise’s win over Tech was significantly downgraded. My thought was that Utah beating the likes of #15 Pitt, a good Air Force team, what I thought would be a top 30 BYU team, a top 25 Notre Dame team and of course a top 5 TCU would possibly catapult them above Boise State. Is Utah really even that good based on who they have played? Don’t know of course. The bummer now is that even if they are that good, their SOS will be significantly downgraded since 3 of the 5 teams I just mentioned (BYU, Notre Dame, Pitt) are turning out to be very average and not ones teetering on the top 25. Nonetheless, it is still early and plenty of craziness can ensue.

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  1. Andrew

    Nice post (if only a little tardy.) If Bama beats Concerned-about-health Meyer and the Gators on Saturday, then I don't think any of this will matter – because the Tide are going to repeat.

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