They Did it Again!

They Did it Again!


So, my brother sends me a text last night right after Boise State scores the winning touchdown. It read, “No team more exciting to watch than BSU!”

He’s right. They just deliver. You can make an argument that Boise State should have won that game going away after jumping out to a 17-0 lead. However, when it counted they came through and pulled off the wild victory. They’ve already brought us what some consider the most exciting college football game ever played when they beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. Then they rose to the occasion to beat Oregon last year and then again in the Fiesta Bowl to beat TCU. And last night they picked up right where they left off and did it in dramatic fashion.

Boise State is kind of like that great restaurant you enjoy. Not a national chain and the menu is kind of different but the product is great every time you go. You tell your friends about your great experience but they never really take you serious cause it’s not a big name. Or how about that band that puts on an incredible show every time you see them. However, they have not really hit the mainstream yet.

Of course everyone knows the name Boise State by now, but they still aren’t taken seriously. I for one began to take them seriously when they handled TCU last year. Look out because I think they are on their way this year.

Here is a link to a story on last night’s game from the Idaho Statesman

Contrast that with this article from Yahoo Sports;_ylt=AlyaVOc2WSGte9QLsBKEh.s5nYcB?slug=lc-boise090710

Let the debate begin as to whether they should play in the title game if they keep winning.

Also – Even though Kellen Moore’s numbers were not out of this world, (23/38 with 3 TD’s and 0 interceptions) he did throw 3 TD’s and engineered the dramatic game winning drive. Remember too, the Boise State offense is not really designed to have a QB throwing for 450 yards per game. Moore was already on the pre-season Heisman watch list. This win should definitely keep him in the running all year. In fact, last night’s performance against a highly ranked team on national TV is reminiscent of Ty Detmer leading BYU to victory over Miami back in 1990. That win catapulted Detmer to the top of the list and kept him there all year despite not playing a power conference schedule the rest of the year.

Final Notes:

The new polls should be out later today and we can debate those the rest of the week.

Also – check this link to an ESPN story re-capping the non AQ performances from the weekend

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  1. Andrew

    I love getting ahead of myself and I would love for Boise to run the table and then face Nick Smug-used-car-salesman Saban and beat Bama (with or without trick plays) and then STILL read that they aren't deserving of a BCS championship.

  2. Bradley L. Hill
    Bradley L. Hill09-07-2010

    Dude! Sports are only a metaphor for life. You take this so seriously! Still, you are proving to be an excellent writer. Grandpa would be proud of your writing AND your enthusiasm for sports.

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