Not a Walk Off Win, a Balk Off win


Not a Walk Off Win, a Balk Off win


We’ve all heard of a walk off home run, or a walk off win with a base hit. How about a balk off win? Very strange ending to the Texas Ranger vs. Los Angeles Dodgers game last night. No score in the bottom of the 9th and the Dodgers had a man at 3rd base. The runner danced up and down the line a bit and the movement was just enough to get the pitcher to break his motion and balk the runner home. Dodgers win 1-0.

I know a lot of people say baseball is too slow and there are too many intricacies that don’t translate well to TV. Regardless, you have to respect the game and every now and then enjoy the subtlety.


And if you need to see a good old fashioned highlight of a home run – check out this bomb from Joey Gallo earlier in the series off Clayton Kershaw. Notice right fielder Yasiel Puig put his hands on his hips and admire the moon shot go on by. The video is from MLBTV.

By the way, if you are still relying only on Baseball Tonight or SportsCenter for baseball highlights, you are missing out. MLB TV does such a good job with highlights and all the “live look-ins” on games.

Joey Gallo moon shot


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